7 Reasons men don’t want to think about marriage.

The fact that guys are usually afraid to commit
are due to several reasons. Women always want
to know why guys are reluctant to commit to a
long term relationship or to marriage. These
reasons listed below will give you an idea as to
why they have fears of tying the knot!
1. He does not want to lose his identity
If you are the pushy and demanding type then
he could be afraid that once he commits to you,
he will slowly but surely change into the type of
person you want him to be. He is afraid of
losing his own identity and changing into a
lapdog who has to do everything to please you.
This could prove very scary for a guy and
therefore he is reluctant to make any sort of
2. He is confused as to what your feelings are
for him
If you have not really been forthright and clear
about your feelings towards him, then he will be
cautious about making a commitment to you.
The smallest doubt about you and your feelings
will make him reluctant to take a step towards
commitment. Only when he knows for sure that
you reciprocate his feelings will he turn bold and
take the initiative!
3. He hates the thought of being tied down
Most men have a morbid fear of being tied
down to one woman all their life! These men
are the types that want to enjoy dating different
women before they make up their mind. They
are generally those who are concentrating on
just having a good time instead of being serious
and thinking of the future. i know many
Nairalanders in this category but i will allow
seun and other audience to list the “soup
4. He is not sure that you are the right woman
for him
There could be a hundred reasons why he has
certain doubts as to whether you are the ideal
woman for him. He will never make a
commitment unless and until he is convinced in
his heart that you are the right one for him.
Even though he has been dating you all this
while, he could feel that there is something
missing in the relationship and hence is not
ready for commitment.
5. He is terrified of the financial
responsibility involved
The very fact that commitment means a whole
lot of new responsibilities make men nervous
and reluctant to take a step in that direction. In
case he is not really financially secure and feels
that he will not be able to provide for his wife
and family in the near future, he will not be
able to commit.
6. He thinks that you have too high
There is no way he is going to commit if you
have been setting the standards too high or
been having too many high expectations where
he is concerned. See if you are the type of
woman who has been very demanding, critical
and a stickler for perfection in every thing. He is
obviously scared of falling short!
7. He is unsure and insecure
If the guy is aware of his faults, failures and
shortcomings, then he could become insecure
and afraid of facing the future. He will naturally
become less confident of being a success and
making the relationship ideal. This insecurity will
prove to be a huge blockage where commitment
is concerned.

Stretch marks preventions. Hope this helps?

Stretch marks are always annoying. Who would
like these disgusting colored lines on their
bodies? But there are several natural ways to
reduce or even remove stretch marks from your
body, which cost not so much. There can be
several reasons on why stretch marks are
occurring. Usually they line our bodies after
pregnancy or after losing/gaining some weight.
Of course they often make any woman feel
conscious and uncomfortable about her
appearance. You can start wear some clothes
you don’t like just because you have to cover
them up. You can spend the whole fortune on
some creams, but they can be useless…
So lets speak about some cheap and natural
remedies that can help:
(1). WATER:- Skin should be kept hydrated. It
will protect it from a lot of problems. Drink from
5 to 10 glasses of pure water every day. It helps
keep body well hydrated. Also this increases
elasticity of skin, which is necessary for avoiding
stretch marks. Try to drink less tea, coffee and
(2). SUGAR:- Yes, sugar can be a natural remedy
for getting rid of stretch marks. You can mix one
tablespoon of almond oil and a sppon of sugar
with a few drops of lemon juice. Mix it nicely
and put on the areas of stretch marks. Then
gently massage them into skin for nearly 5-10
minutes every day before bath taking. After a
month you will notice that your stretch marks
became lighter.
(3). ALOE VERA:- Aloe vera is highly effective
when you are dealing with skin problems. Aloe
gel can be applied directly on damaged skin
area. Then leave it for several minutes. Then
rinse it with lukewarm water.
(4.) POTATO JUICE:- Potatoes contain a lot of
minerals and vitamins. They make your skin
cells grow faster. So you can take a potato, cut it
into thick slices and rub once slice on the
affected area for several minutes. Allow the
potato juice to dry, and then gently rinse it.
(5.) LEMON JUICE:- Carefully rub some amount
of lemon juice onto the stretch marks with
circular moves. Then allow it to soak into your
skin for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse it with warm
water. The other recipe: mix equal amounts of
lemon and cucumber juice and do the same.
There are also other natural remedies which can
help: cocoa butter, castor oil, olive oil and egg
whites. They can help not only with stretch
marks, but also with cuts, acne, burns and other
skin problems. They are more safe and cheaper
than chemically made removal creams and gels.

photo essay: the hidden graffiti of bandra

rama arya's blog

The contemplating sage at Nagrana Lane

I moved to Bombay, sorry Mumbai, this February. And I chose Bandra as my home. It was one of those ‘destined’ moves as I like to term it. 🙂

Bandra grows on you. It slowly becomes the center of your life, and you start believing that there is no other world outside of it; an aberration one slowly and gleefully slips into.

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Buhari appoints two supreme court judges

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has approved the appointment of Ejembi Eko and Amina Augie as justices of the Supreme Court.

This was disclosed on Friday in a statement by the spokesman of the National Judicial Council, Soji Oye.

The NJC had earlier recommended the two candidates to Buhari.

According to Oye, the Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman of the NJC, Justice Mahmud Mohammed, will inaugurate the two justices on Monday.

Oye said in the statement: “The two honourable justices will be sworn-in by the Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman of the National Judicial Council, Hon. Justice Mahmud Mohammed, GCON, on Monday 7th November, 2016 at 2.00 pm in the Supreme Court of Nigeria.”


Osinbanjo: Hunger will soon vanished in Nigeria.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo yesterday assured
Nigerians that the present administration is
addressing the nation’s challenges to return the
country on the right track, saying hunger and
poverty caused by the current economic
recession would soon be over. He spoke
yesterday at a national colloquium organized by
the Coalition of Nigerian Apostolic Leaders
(CNAL) in Lagos.
According to Osinbajo, “We are facing one of the
most challenging times in the history of our
country, especially in the area of the economy.
The times are so challenging that sometimes you
ask yourself what is really going on, like Pastor
Wale Adefarasin asked ‘Is this the change we
voted for?’.
Osinbajo said the country had over the years,
ran a single economic structure driven by crude
oil, and 80 percent of the nation’s earnings
came from the sale of crude oil. He lamented
that huge resources were being expended on
importation of food, saying to reverse the trend,
about eleven states of the country currently
embarked on mass production of rice to ensure
that the country achieves self-sufficiency.
The Vice President also said he was nominated
as vice president by a national leader of APC
and a former governor. Though he did not name
anyone, political pundits assume that he
referred to Bola Tinubu, the national leader of
APC and former governor of Lagos State. “The
party’s national leader, a former governor under
whom I served as a commissioner, nominated
me,” Osinbajo said.
Osinbajo said initially, the church did not
support his going into politics.
Earlier the presiding apostle of CNAL,
Adefarasin, said the church had a great role to
play in transforming the country which was why
the vice president was invited to speak at the
colloquium. He said the church believed in the
project called Nigeria and was ready to partner
with the federal government to salvage the


Korede Bello in Niger Republic

Korede Bello Is presently in Niamey, Niger
republic where he’s scheduled for a show
tommorow. He visited a secondary school in
niamey where he was shown massive love by
secondary school students mainly girls.
They trooped out in various forms just to get a
glimpse of korede bello. Some of The female
students went as far as crying just for korede
bello’s “magical hug” As he comforted some and
left others







gordieandhomieThe single most prominent memory I have of the Hartford Whalers from my childhood is not any of the historical milestones that are typical of nostalgic anecdotes; no Ron Francis trade, no Adams Division titles, no Whalermania parades. I didn’t even go to the last game. I was a deeply troubled sixteen year-old runaway and drop-out by the time the Whalers said goodbye to Hartford. The Civic Center and the 15,000 or so mourners who packed it to the rafters that day seemed a million miles away to my teenage self. It was a dark time to live in Connecticut and a dark time in my life, and quite frankly I was far too concerned with cultivating my image as a miserably cool punk rock kid to be caught dead wearing kelly green and crying in public.

In a way it is perfectly fitting that the one thing I remember…

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Obanikoro has been released from EFCC custody

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
has released a former Minister of State for
Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, The PUNCH
can confirm.
A source said, “The EFCC just released Senator
Obanikoro around 5pm. He is on his way home
The PUNCH had reported exclusively that the
former minister had met all his bail conditions
on Thursday night and the commission was
processing his release.
Obanikoro, who was arrested on October 17,
was accused of receiving N4.7bn through the
Office of the National Security Adviser in 2014.
He was said to have pocketed N785m while the
balance was given to Governor Ayodele Fayose
of Ekiti State and Senator Iyiola Omisore who
was the governorship candidate of the Peoples
Democratic Party in Osun State in 2014.
Obanikoro was said to have returned N100m
and pledged to return N480m while his
American and Nigerian passports were
submitted to the EFCC.

N-Power: FG Employs 200000 Graduates.

The Presidency says it has completed the
selection process for the employment of 200,000
graduates for the N-Power programme designed
to engage 500,000.
The Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President
on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, disclosed
this in a statement on Thursday.
He said the “official engagement” of those
selected was now awaiting the completion of
BVN verification so that they would be paid
On how the selection was done, he said:
“Presidency officials collaborated actively with
the Ministries of Agriculture and Health and
other government agencies all through the
There were no foreign consultants involved, nor
is one needed. To make up the selection of the
first 200,000, there were three criteria thus: 40%
selected based on the number of applications
per state, a special mark-up for the 6 states of
the northeast and a discretionary addition for
states with low numbers of applicants.
“The Buhari Presidency has made very diligent
and transparent efforts to ensure that the Social
Investment Programmes do not repeat the
errors of the past, and the attempt therefore to
hurriedly compare the programmes with failed
efforts of the past, like SURE-P, even at this
early stage is simply baseless.”